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有些东西在时光里永远经典,像是剑桥包 Cambridge Satchel 。为什幺它这幺让人着迷?又该怎幺搭配能烘托出它的英伦气味呢?听听作者 Louise 分别介绍 11 吋宝石红与奶油裸色、14吋经典棕色款,或许这个冬日,考虑买个剑桥包装点你的老派气质?

剑桥包 来自英国手工缝製的温醇感让人着迷,牛皮的结实在耐用度上毋庸置疑,方方正正的品味,是刚刚好的老派时尚态度。对我来说,是有温度、有感情、有气味、有生活态度的一个包包。在陆陆续续购买了几个后,写了这篇尺寸的比较和不同的穿搭,诠释理想的剑桥包样貌。(推荐阅读:波士顿 15 度C穿搭风景:暖麻花针织、酒红指甲、米色剑桥包)

Handmade in Great Britain, I'm smitten with Cambridge Satchel's high quality leather and the iconic design.Cambridge Satchel is more than a fashion accessory. To me, the timeless design represents a specific attitude and lifestyle. I have had mine for a couple of years and I carry them almost everywhere. I thought it's about time to share my review and how I style them.





|The 11" Cambridge Satchel Review & Style|

The 11" satchel is my first Cambridge Satchel purchase. I own the same style in classic red and cream just because I love them so much. For the compartment, there are one main big and one outer small compartments. My 10" iPad fits well, along with my lip stick, cell phone and wallet. The 11" satchel is the perfect size for everyday essentials. Aside from the size, I love how versatile the adjustable shoulder strap is. Carry it cross the body for a classic preppy style or hold it as a clutch for a clean and refined look. Also, I have to say the nickel buckles on the bag are not easy to fasten and unfasten. I personally don't mind it but some people complain about this traditional buckle-closure design. I usually have one or both buckles undone instead of fastening carefully. As the bag is made 100% leather, it doesn't have an inner lining. The Cambridge Satchel official website is now offering free global shipping on orders over $54.

11" Satchel Measurement: Width 11” by Height 7.5” by Depth 2” at base



11" Cambridge Satchel in Cream




11" Cambridge Satchel in Red





官网目前后背的新款是直立式的 Portrait 版本,尺寸是一样的,且扣环改为更为方便的磁扣。


|The 14" Cambridge Satchel Backpack Review & Style|

My third Cambridge Satchel is the 14" leather backpack in vintage tan. The main compartment is pretty spacious. I fit my 13" Macbook Air, cell phone, portable charger, purse, and an assortment of cosmetics. The additional top handle makes it more practical. The color vintage tan is such a timeless and elegant color. It's easy to go with lots of other clothing. The high quality of leather makes the bag very durable and structured even after extensive use. So far, all the bags I have from The Cambridge Satchel Company are still stiff.

The current Portrait Backpack on the Cambridge Satchel official website is the same size as the 14" and has the convenient magnetic buckles. 

14" Backpack Measurement: Width 14” by Height 9.4” by Depth 3.4” at base



Leather Backpack in Vintage Tan Current Version


| Instagram 我的波士顿生活片段 |



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